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Portraits from the El Paso Art World

Diverse array of talented individuals

by Richard Baron // November 7, 2014

Portraits from the El Paso Art World

I’ve been shooting portraits of artists in El Paso for a long time, and there are a lot of artists in El Paso to shoot portraits of. El Paso has an incredibly diverse array of talented individuals and this essay doesn’t even scratch the surface. More…

Arts & Culture

Public Art in El Paso

Public Art in El Paso

What's all the fuss about?

by Paul Geneson, Freelance writer // October 21, 2014

When you look into the matter of public art in El Paso, you’re struck by the contrasting voices: some are strident and disapproving, others are analytic and supportive.

Some examples:

“Public art creates a sense of place”
(Dionne Mack, Interim Director of Museums and Cultural Affairs)

“This is a very positive project”
(Patricia Dalbin, El Paso Public Art Director)

Then there are the voices on the other side:

“…the monstrosity that has appeared on Interstate 10 at the Airway exit”
“This thing looks like it was constructed by a manic pipe welder”
(Same letter writer to El Paso Times for both quotes, Kenneth Vaughn, on the same display)

“Whoever approved this so-called ‘sculpture’ should go back to school and take more
art appreciation classes”
(Letter to El Paso Times from writer Pete G. Flores, talking about I-10 art piece)

So who’s right? More…

Arts & Culture

The Border Art Residency

The Border Art Residency

Reflecting on the journey that created a residency for artists on the border

by Becky Hendrick, The Border Art Residency // September 29, 2014

We’d lived in La Union for a dozen years before Ray outgrew his studio. We called our big house “the Cantina” because that’s what the building had been for thirty years before sinking into a decade of abandoned disrepair. More…

Arts & Culture

Punk Rock Flea Market growing pains

Punk Rock Flea Market growing pains

Joins forces with Vista Del Sol Flea Market

by Marie Marquez, Newspaper Tree contributor // September 23, 2014

Moving gracefully through the gathering of people, from punk rockers and rockabilly crowds to homeopathic sages and aspiring artists, Santita Muerta , as she is known, is the perfect image of calm and cool despite having made the difficult choice of relocating her up-and-coming Punk Rock Flea Market beyond the El Paso city limits. More…

Arts & Culture

Retaking Public Space: Ciudad Juarez's Monument Cultural Bazaar

Retaking Public Space: Ciudad Juarez's Monument Cultural Bazaar

The first of two articles on notions and visions of public space in downtown Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

by Kent Paterson, Frontera NorteSur // August 26, 2014

Rosa Gutierrez waits patiently as she sells old movie posters from a shaded stand under the gaze of the Benito Juarez Monument in downtown Ciudad Juarez. A young woman asks if the seller has anything bearing the mugs of Mexican silver screen legends Pedro Infante or Cantinflas. More…

Last Thursdays showing steady growth

Event drawing more artists and participants monthly

by Aaron Montes, Newspaper Tree // July 10, 2014

Every last Thursday of the month, artists of all types make their way downtown to showcase their work. More…

Vidas Perfectas: Performance art opera on the Border

El Paso and Juarez host first showing after New York premiere

by Cindy Graff Cohen // July 7, 2014

He takes himself seriously.

Hotel rooms have lost their punch for him.

(Image of a businessman sitting in a dark room, with two suitcases behind him.) More…

From seeking inspiration to sources of inspiration

Gaspar Enriquez exhibit features portraits of fellow artists

by Elida S. Perez, Newspaper Tree // July 3, 2014

Artists are constantly being inspired by their dreams, their culture, environment and surroundings; but in some instances they too become the source of inspiration. More…

Last Thursdays event brings artists, community together

Slide show of Thursday, June 27

by Aaron Montes, Newspaper Tree // June 27, 2014

Area film contests offer more opportunity, signs of growth

Local filmmakers getting creative

by Aaron Montes, Newspaper Tree // June 25, 2014

Part Two: Ruben Salazar versus La Nacha

Testifying, December 1955

by Bob Chessey // June 13, 2014

French author returns to borderland for bridge project

El Paso is one of nine bridges around the world Alexandra Novosseloff will feature in the project

by Elida S. Perez, Newspaper Tree // June 10, 2014

Part One: Ruben Salazar versus La Nacha

Witnessing, August 1955

by Bob Chessey // May 27, 2014

The night El Paso helped end apartheid and abet the freedom of Nelson Mandela

A selected memory by Richard Baron

by // May 22, 2014

Profile: Justin Leeah

by Richard Baron // May 5, 2014

El Paso Opera presents La Bohème: Two singers talk about their art

EPO celebrates its 20th anniversary with 2013-2014 season

by Cindy Graff Cohen // April 7, 2014

Rosa Guerrero remembers life after the death of Ruben Salazar

"I turned on the news, and she was hoping it wasn’t the Ruben Salazar she knew from El Paso. But it was."

by Esmeralda Ojeda // April 4, 2014

Poetry: Syrian

by Serenity Garcia // March 7, 2014

Rosa’s Cantina: Was it really the inspiration for Marty Robbins’ "El Paso"?

by Mark Cioc-Ortega // January 29, 2014

Profile: Gaspar Enriquez

by Richard Baron // January 15, 2014

Stanley Good and El Paso’s 1915 marihuana ordinance

by Bob Chessey // January 9, 2014

Profile: David Nakabayashi

by Richard Baron // December 14, 2013

The art of drag

Drag scene is part of El Paso's fabric

by Esmeralda Ojeda // December 7, 2013

The “First Thanksgiving”: Can a little myth reveal a big truth?

by Mark Cioc-Ortega // November 27, 2013

El Paso’s Creative Kids recognized at White House

by Andrés Rodríguez // November 25, 2013

“Where did you go to high school?”

Some say ubiquitous question about finding common ground, others say judging

by Esmeralda Ojeda // November 14, 2013

Land, Migrants and Poets: The Day of the Dead 2013

by Kent Paterson, Frontera NorteSur // October 30, 2013

Los Chihuahuas de El Chuco

by Lucia Quiñonez // October 25, 2013