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Dr. Andrea Shaheen

Dr. Andrea Shaheen is native El Pasoan and a professor of Ethnomusicology and Music Performance. She specializes in the performance practice styles of the Middle East and has conducted extensive fieldwork amongst the Syrian population both in Syria and in diaspora.

Dr. Shaheen is a Medici Scholar, a three-time FLAS recipient, and an active member of the Society for Ethnomusicology. In 2010, she returned from Damascus, Syria, where she lived and studied as a Fulbright Fellow. In addition to research, Dr. Shaheen maintains an international performance schedule as a symphonic oboist.


Sadness prevails in Syria

Sadness prevails in Syria

An El Pasoan reflects on the war in Syria, calls for humanitarian relief

by Dr. Andrea Shaheen // September 13, 2013

As a Syrian-American and a scholar of the Middle Eastern music and peoples, I’m often puzzled by U.S. policy towards the Middle East. Not because I oppose my government or this great country that has given me a life that I am incredibly grateful for, but because U.S. discourse and reactions and Middle Eastern realities seem to rarely corroborate. The current case in point is Syria. Though I am no politician or expert on war, I am a Syrian-American musician and ethnomusicologist, and the recent crisis in Syria has uprooted my Syrian friends, family, colleagues and our hopes. More…