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Freelancers Q&A

Does Newspaper Tree hire freelance reporters?

Yes, we hire freelance reporters to cover events and issues important to the El Paso/Juárez region.

What about arts and culture?

Yes, we’re interested in arts and culture, but we’re not looking for “puff” or “promotional” pieces. We are interested in reporting that explores and shines a light on an aspect of our community we may otherwise not know about.

What about multimedia journalism? Do you hire freelance for video or audio reporting?

Yes, absolutely. While journalism is generally an underdeveloped profession in our community, the El Paso/Juárez region is especially in need of strong documentary storytelling and “radio” reporting.

What do you pay?

Pay depends on the reporter’s experience, the nature of the reporting, and our history of working with the reporter. We don’t pay by the word.

Do you accept opinion pieces?

Yes, however we don’t pay for opinion pieces.

Do you accept creative writing submissions, such as poetry or short works of fiction?

Yes, however we don’t pay for creative writing submissions.

Who do I contact and what do I need to provide if I’m interested in freelance work with Newspaper Tree?

Send an email to info@newspapertree.com.

Include your complete contact information, your story idea, a resume, and at least three (3) writing samples.

Updated 5.20.14