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All Newspaper Tree content (audio, text, photographs, graphics) is protected by copyright in the U.S. and other countries. Newspaper Tree does not license audio, photographs, or graphics for personal use.

The following contains information on how to request permission to reuse content.

Professional Use: You may republish Newspaper Tree content at no cost, however you must submit a request to info@newspapertree.com and agree to the following rules:

  • You may not modify our content other than to conform to your publication’s in-house style rules (for example, “El Paso” to “El Paso, Tex.”).
  • You may not republish our photos, graphics, or copyrighted excerpts from other publications without express permission.
  • You may not resell our content to someone else or use our content for any other direct commercial purpose.
  • You may not sell ads against our content, however you may republish our content on a page displaying ads that you have already sold.
  • If you republish our content online, you must include all of our internal links.
  • You must give us credit. You must credit the person who created the content and credit Newspaper Tree.

Please link back to our home page, www.newspapertree.com, in the credit line.

You do not need permission for:

Individual Use: A limited amount of Newspaper Tree content may be republished for your own personal, non-commercial use. In the event of such use, all copyright and other notices and clear attribution to Newspaper Tree must be maintained. The content may not be modified, distributed, retransmitted, or used, in whole or in part, in derivative works. See Newspaper Tree’s Terms of Service. All other uses, including republishing, republishing, broadcast and any further distribution, require written permission from Newspaper Tree.

K-12 Use: K-12 teachers may make up to 30 copies of Newspaper Tree content for one-time classroom use. Newspaper Tree copyright notice must be legible.

Linking to Content on www.newspapertree.com: You may place a link on your web site to Newspaper Tree or other content available through www.newspapertree.com. However, Newspaper Tree is an organization committed to the highest journalistic ethics and standards and to independent, noncommercial journalism, both in fact and appearance.

Therefore, the linking should not (a) suggest that Newspaper Tree promotes or endorses any third party’s causes, ideas, web sites, products or services, or (b) use Newspaper Tree content for inappropriate commercial purposes or in any way that is unlawful or harmful to any other person or entity. We reserve the right to withdraw permission for any link. Please refer to Newspaper Tree’s Terms of Service.

We typically deny permission to use Newspaper Tree content in connection with the following:

  • Direct advertising, marketing or promotional activities;
  • Fundraising; and
  • Political activities (including without limitation use in connection with any endorsement of a candidate for political office, to support any side in a political debate or by any organization with a primarily political purpose).

We reserve the right to refuse any request to republish Newspaper Tree content.

Using Newspaper Tree RSS Feeds and other Content Feeds:

You may use Newspaper Tree RSS feeds and other content feeds for personal, noncommercial purposes and for certain limited noncommercial purposes of a 501(c)(3) corporation which is not a news organization, subject to the requirements of Newspaper Tree’s Terms of Service (see Content Feed section). If you would like information on using Newspaper Tree’s RSS feeds or Content Feeds for any other use, please contact us at info@newspapertree.com.

Additional information:

To request permission to reproduce Newspaper Tree content in ways not addressed above or to ask general questions about our permissions policy, please contact us at info@newspapertree.com or:

Newspaper Tree
Attn: Rights and Permissions
PO Box 15
El Paso, Texas 79940

Updated 7.3.13