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Mary Stanton's Students $15

Mary Stanton was a local teacher from Georgia who founded the El Paso Public Library with a donation of 600 books to a high school reading club in 1894. More Information

Mary Stanton's Students

Buffalo Soldiers $30

In 1866, the U.S. established six regiments of African Americans, eventually known as Buffalo Soldiers, which served on the western frontier, particularly in the set of actions collectively described as the Indian Wars. The six original military units included the 9th and 10th U.S. Cavalry, and the 38th, 39th, 40th, and 41st U.S. Infantry. From 1866-1901, several of the Buffalo Soldier regiments were garrisoned at Fort Bliss. More Information

Buffalo Soldiers

Camp Cotton Recruits $50

The Fifth Massachusetts Infantry was stationed at Camp Cotton, called the “City of Tents,” in 1916 during the Mexican Revolution. The camp was located at the base of Cotton Street, near the Rio Grande. More Information

Camp Cotton Recruits

Los Periodistas $150

In the late 1800s and early 1900s El Paso bustled with many newspapers, in English and Spanish, including the “El Paso Herald,” the “Daily Independent,” “El Paso Lone Star,” and “La Patria.” An early and important figure in El Paso journalism was Juan Siqueiros Hart, owner and editor of the “El Paso Times.” More Information

Los Periodistas

The Kentucky Club $250

The Kentucky Club & Grill has operated on Avenida Juárez in Ciudad Juárez since 1920. Established during Prohibition by Kentucky distillers, the bar has dependably satisfied the thirsts of the famous, infamous, and not-so-famous through the decades. Legend is that it’s the birthplace of the margarita.

The Kentucky Club

The Douglass School $500

The Douglass School was established in 1883, in the home of John Smith, as the first El Paso public school for African-Americans. A building was later constructed at Fourth Street and Kansas in south El Paso. In 1920, the school was moved to its present location at 101 Eucalyptus street in Central El Paso. More Information

The Douglass School

San Jacinto Plaza "Sunners" $1000/year

In the early 1900s, the “Sunners” would gather to read the daily newspaper on the benches of San Jacinto Plaza, under the warm El Paso sun.

San Jacinto Plaza 'Sunners'

McGinty Club $2500/year

The McGinty Club was a musical and social group that played concerts and contributed to civic development in El Paso through the 1890s. The group took its name from a popular song of the day, “Down with McGinty.” More Information

McGinty Club

El Paso All-Stars $5000/year

The El Paso All-Stars represented El Paso in the first Sun Bowl in 1935. The game was sponsored by the El Paso Kiwanis Club and was played at El Paso High School. The All-Stars defeated Ranger High School 25-21. More Information

El Paso All-Stars

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